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Faith, religion, & spirituality: Where are we now? Part I

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

S1 E4

During this episode, we begin a series where we look at how faith, religion, and spirituality are observed and practiced by members of LGBTQ communities. In our series, we explore the many different messages LGBTQ persons heard growing up; and we delve into how faith, religion, and spirituality are impacting LGBTQ persons during COVID-19.

In this episode, we meet Enzi Tanner, a former member of Exodus International, the ex-gay reparative program. Tanner, who began her journey as an African American born again Christian female, now identifies as an African American Jewish male.

And our Pink Power Panel joins us to share experiences about what it was like growing up LGBTQ - inside and outside the church, temple, or mosque. All this and more on this episode of LGBT, Healthcare, & me!

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