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Faith, religion, and spirituality in LGBTQ communities: Where are we now? Part II

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

S1 E5

During this episode of LGBT, Healthcare & me: Former Prince protégé and founder of High School for Recording Arts, David “T.C.” Ellis, shares his harrowing experience with the Delta variant of COVID-19; we conclude our series on ‘Faith, Religion, & Spirituality: Where are we now?’; Part II of the Enzi Tanner Story, a former African American, Born-Again Christian, female, who now identifies as an African American, Jewish, Male, and an exclusive interview with Twin Cities Reverend Jane McBride.

PLUS, OUR VIEWERS’ FAVORITE: The Pink Power Panel reveals how COVID-19 has impacted their faith, religion, or spirituality. All this and more on this episode of LGBT, Healthcare & me.

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