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Fear as a public health issue?

During Season 2, Episode 1, on ENN's LGBT, Healthcare & Me, we ask the question, "How are you dealing with all this fear?" LGBTQ and black and brown people share how they're navigating the never-ending fear factory, as ENN becomes the first organization to ask, "Should fear be considered a public health issue?" We begin our series on "Fear in LGBTQ, black AND brown, and other kick-az# communities." Get the latest LGBTQ+ news, PLUS . . . Twin Cities hip hop artist and entrepreneur, Lewiee Blaze, stops by to share how he deals with fear; Reneka Evans shares the latest happenings at Minnesota Department of Health and how she deals with fear; and the Pink Power Panel gives us a window into what they fear - and how they handle the very tricky emotion - during these very tender and tricky times.

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