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Equity News Network rebrands as the Self-Worth Station


MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In announcement yesterday, Equity News Network (ENN) chairman and chief anchor, Todd Michael Barnes, announced effective immediately, ENN has rebranded as the Self-Worth Station. All programming on ENN will be built on a chassis of self-worth, with consistent messages designed to lead persons to their purpose, passion, and peace.

The move to focus on self-worth is an effort to align all ENN products and messaging with the release of Barnes’ upcoming, new book, Deconstruction Zone: Losing Your Psychic Pounds, Rebooting Who You Are, a literary work and personal development curriculum about self-worth, co-authored with Barnes by Twin Cities music artist and entrepreneur, Lewis “Lewiee Blaze” McCaleb.

Deconstruction Zone is currently at Barnes & Noble in print production and will be released to the public at a premier party, to be held in Minneapolis, MN, Thursday, March 24.

Beginning, Monday, February 21, Barnes will begin making appearances on the internationally acclaimed YouTube channel, Sharrell’s World, a burgeoning online community with over 300,000 subscribers, 18,000 daily views, and 1.2 million impressions. During Barnes’ appearances on Sharrell’s World, and within all ENN future programming, the issue first and foremost raised will be the topic of, self-worth.

In an interview to explain why the network-wide move to self-worth was being made, Barnes said, “Take a look around and look what we could do as a nation, and world, if we better loved ourselves, others, and the planet in which we currently reside.”

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