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ENN launches new partnership with Sharrell's World

Updated: Feb 8, 2022


—Beginning Monday, February 7, Equity News Network (ENN) will launch a new partnership with the popular, internationally acclaimed, Sharrell’s World. ENN will make regular appearances at the end of the reality TV/gossip blog, which currently has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, 376 million impressions, and 50 million views.

Sharrell’s World is a quickly growing franchise, garnering approximately 118,000 daily views, 825,000 weekly views, and over 3.5 million monthly views.

Sharrell has been covering TV and celebrity gossip on YouTube, and other platforms, for over three years. During this time, she has developed a very loyal following through her video presentations.

Sharrell’s World is home to a mostly mature, female audience, ranging from ages 25-64. This audience has proven power to make purchasing decisions for themselves and their families.

Sharrell’s World is built on a bedrock of free and open discussion and debate. Sharrell, and her co-host and husband, Perry Sanders, creatively engages viewers, while encouraging each person to better care for themselves and each other.

When asked about the new partnership, Todd Barnes, ENN chief anchor and reporter said, “ENN is proud to lead the way in showing how you can build your brand and boost your bottom line by partnering with strong, black, brown, and women, business owners. Although Sharrell’s World traffics in gossip, you don’t have to listen very hard, or very long, to see what Sharrell’s World really traffics in, is education, inspiration, and love.”

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