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ENN and The Saloon team up to vaccinate LGBTQIA+ community members and friends



May 3, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS--On Wednesday, May 3, Equity News Network (ENN) president, Todd Michael Barnes, announced ENN has entered into a partnership with The Saloon in Minneapolis to provide FREE COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots to The Saloon patrons on the third Thursday of each month, from 4pm-7pm. Each person who receives a free COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot will receive a $45 VISA Gift Card.

The Saloon Minneapolis is a gay bar located at 830 Hennepin Avenue (downtown Minneapolis). The Saloon is an important gay cultural icon in the Twin Cities.

The FREE COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots are a part of the Minnesota Department of Health COVID Community Coordinator (CCC) program. The Minnesota Department of Health CCC's are community-based organizations that connect Minnesota's diverse communities with COVID-19 testing, vaccination, and other resources, as well as providing access and support for comprehensive health recovery post-pandemic.

When asked about the partnership, Barnes said, "I am so excited to enter into this exciting partnership with The Saloon, a venue so revered in our community. This parks us exactly where we want to be, with the ability to meet community members where they're at. We are so grateful to Bobby Palmer at The Saloon and Reneka Evans and the Minnesota Department of Health CCC team, for this meaningful and impactful opportunity."


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